Compañía Inversora Platense S.A. is a group of people which, working hard as a team, reaches its goal of exporting Argentinian high quality food products to the entire world.

Such organization is leaded by an Executive Board, which is composed by Bachelor Julio Fontán as President, Public Accountant Marcelo Cholakian as Vice-president and Mr. Cristian Luci and Mr Juan Navazio as Directors, being the four of them stockholders with the same participation, representing 100% of the company’s shares.

Bachelor in Business Administration Laura Terza carries on the General Manager tasks.
CIPSA’s commitment with their customers, consists in supplying a product capable of fulfilling international and demanding quality standards.

In order to accomplish this, the company grounds its strategy on:

A corporate culture based on business ethics.

Personal and commercial satisfaction of both customers.

Individual progress, achieved through team work.

A permanent training of its staff.

Social and environmental management throughout the process.

The incorporation of new technologie.

A continuous improvement of its processes.